Exclusive beauty packaging

Our services

We specialize in creating custom handmade candles, hair products, cosmetics and household products. We offer tailor-made boxes for you, your customers and/or partners.


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Step 1

This is where we specialize in transforming your concepts into a real product that will meet your expectations. The first step is for us to understand your required goals and standards.

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2nd step

The Atelier Evia team will develop and personalize the formula for you.

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Step 3

We will discuss with you which containers and packaging best suit your brand concepts.

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Step 4

The quality content will be filled in the packaging which is of your choice. These will then be packaged in boxes and cartons ready for retail.

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Step 5

Quality control processes are applied throughout production, to ensure that finished products meet your requirements.

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Step 6

Pick-up service and international shipping are available upon request.